The Saudi Arabian Industrial Investments Company (SAIIC) was established in 2014 by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund - PIF (holding 50%), Saudi Aramco (holding 25%) and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation - SABIC (holding 25%) with the objective to advance industrialization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Recognizing the Kingdom's Industrialization Vision "to create a globally competitive industry, based on innovation and acting as a major tool for transforming national resources into sustainable wealth", SAIIC’s mission- in an alignment with the Kingdom's Industrialization Vision- is "to create profitable companies that catalyze the development of industrial value chains, which are strategic for Saudi Arabia and commercially viable, which might not be developed by the private sector alone".

The aim of the Company is to have a viable and sustainable investment model that facilitates the development of strategically yet challenging industry sectors and their desired value chains in the Kingdom. Of particular interest is the downstream development in strategically important industries.

The Company will promote the economic diversification of the Kingdom through its investments and thereby expedite and stimulate private sector industrial investment activities.

The Company is targeting to create a significant number of quality job opportunities for the King dom's citizens through its investments in the targeted sectors

The Company's Board of Directors endorsed an investment strategy for the company that focuses on investments in strategic economic sectors that are aligned with the kingdom’s most significant opportunties and essential needs.
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Riyadh, August 31, 2015
Saudi Arabian Industrial Investments Company announces appointment of its CEO